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PERE Technology Report: How Real Estate Managers Can Use Technology to Avoid a Data Swamp

The collection, analysis, and usage of data are an important components of how informed investment decisions are made. Using data to provide investors with extensive, in-depth information about both the physical and human-related aspects of an investment, including demographic reports, traffic counts, flood maps, and EPA reports, can help expedite the investment process. By providing […]

5 Potential Risks That Keep Investors Up at Night

When making investment decisions, investors often encounter many challenges. They must select the right deal at the right time on top of worrying about the shifting economy, political climate, and overall market performance. Investors are aware that no matter how strong of an investment portfolio they have, each investment is susceptible to risks – many […]

3 Reasons Investors Are Reaping Benefits from Farmland Investments

Today, there are nearly 7.5 billion people on earth – a figure that is predicted to increase to nearly 10 billion by 2050.  One common factor amongst each inhabitant of the world is the consumption of crops produced on farmland in one way or another. Agriculture produces the foods we eat, liquids we drink, clothes […]

January Content Round-Up: Top Blogs & Articles About Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals are a maturing niche asset class within the multifamily sector. Though it is still considered to be a new trend, the short-term rental industry is thriving with an annual revenue of nearly $18 billion in 2018 and a forecasted rise to $23 billion by 2022. Recently, multifamily owners have begun to embrace the […]

Are Short-Term Rentals the Next Niche in Multifamily?

In 2019, multifamily was the top target asset class with 68.3% of investors indicating that they would be allocating investment dollars into one or more multifamily deals during that year. One reason that the multifamily sector is in high demand is because of its increasing diversification. With the growth of niche asset classes such as […]

3 Ways Firms Can Leverage CRE Technology to Provide Transparency to Investors

Today, commercial real estate investors are allocating more capital to investment deals than ever before. At the same time, there is increasing demand for greater transparency across the industry. With 2/3 of investors citing ‘degree of transparency’ as an important investment consideration, firms are feeling the pressure, both internally and externally, to become more open […]

IMS Receives #REMAS Award for Top Industry Blog

Investor Management Services (IMS), now part of the RealPage family, recently received the 2019 #REMAS award for Creative Writing, recognizing the IMS blog as a top resource in the commercial real estate industry for the second year in a row! The #REMAS, offered by The News Funnel, is a creative competition that honor companies and […]

Why Last Mile Delivery is Driving the Adaptive Reuse of Vacant CRE Properties

The growth and success of e-commerce has led to massive changes in today’s technological and operational fulfillment processes. Consumers now have the luxury of simply pressing a button and having items appear at their doorstep within a matter of days or even hours. To consumers, however, fast-paced deliveries are more of an expectation and to […]

Why Tech Tenants Are Expected to Continue Dominating Office Demand in 2020

With the responsibility of more than 1/5 of new major office-leasing activity, technology companies are leasing more of the nation’s total office space than ever before. According to CBRE, this growth can be heavily attributed to an increased number of tech jobs and employment. As a result, the tech industry has grown more quickly post-recession […]