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Industrial Real Estate: Why Demand for This Asset Class is Growing

The industrial real estate sector has experienced a significant amount of growth within the past 5 years, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, to accommodate the sector’s rapid growth, Deloitte predicted an additional 510 million square feet of new industrial real estate space would be developed within 2019 and 2020 alone. Additionally, industrial […]

3 Reasons Real Estate Investment Software is Helpful During Market Shifts

The CRE industry is constantly evolving, and technology, such as a real estate investment software, continues to be an agent of this change. As the market shifts, tedious tasks like identifying new opportunities or monitoring a portfolio’s performance can become even more arduous to complete. Still, these tasks must be completed if firms want to […]

Using CRE Tech to Satisfy Evolving Investor Expectations

The investor experience has become a critical component of commercial real estate deals. And with today’s political and economic uncertainty, it’s more important now than ever before to meet and exceed investor expectations. This is largely because investors in today’s on-demand, instant gratification culture have come to expect accessibility and transparency about their CRE investments, […]

Why Data-Driven Decision Making is Key for Modern Investment Deals

A data-driven approach is becoming increasingly less of a luxury and more of a necessity due to the commercial real estate industry’s unavoidable technological disruption. The on-demand and global ease of use that technology provides coupled with critical, in-depth insights from the data have created a movement where technology has become the new “status quo” […]

Multifamily Housing: Demand and Evolution

The multifamily housing market is maturing and evolving, with an increasing number of investors giving new consideration to this asset class. Some changes are driven by market conditions, some by consumer preferences, and some by changing demographics. But amidst these various changes, the multifamily sector remains in a continuous state of growth with the development […]

Leveraging Investor Management Technology to Enhance Evolving Investor Expectations

We are in the midst of significant change across the commercial real estate industry due to recent market shifts. Alongside this change comes an increased need for establishing strong investor relationships built on trust and transparency. But sometimes developing and maintaining stable relations can be challenging – especially as digital communications become the norm. Now, […]

Enhancing Real Estate Investor Relations in a Digital Era

Technology is making it easier and more efficient for real estate sponsors and investors to connect, interact with one another, and share information. However, in a technology-driven era where day-to-day communications are increasingly occurring via Zoom, the “human element” that is critical for establishing strong relationships can sometimes be forgotten. Still, it is important to […]

3 Factors Shaping Millennials’ Views on Real Estate Investing

Millennials are the future of commercial real estate. Their spending, working, and lifestyle habits have impacted almost every industry – and commercial real estate is no exception.  For sponsors, understanding this generation’s demands and expectations and adapting to those needs will be critical to successfully attracting and retaining Millennial investors.   Read ahead to learn […]

5 Things Modern Investors Expect from CRE Sponsors

The commercial real estate industry is quickly evolving, and so are investor expectations. As industry shifts occur, investors are no longer satisfied with yesterday’s level of engagement, communication, and data access. Rather, modern investors seek and demand a relationship with their CRE sponsor that boosts their confidence in the partner they have selected. To ensure […]

5 Ways Sponsors Can Improve Investor Transparency

Transparency is a hot topic in commercial real estate, and for good reason. Over 60% of investors cite degree of transparency as being an important consideration for their investment, and the accelerating rate of CRE tech adoption brings with it a greater demand for more transparency around investing. While the concept of transparency is not […]

Exceeding Investor Expectations with The Right Tech Stack

Commercial real estate investors are taking a big risk when they place their trust, and their dollars, in a CRE sponsor, and they want to feel confident that they are making the right decision. As investors become more and more tech savvy, they are investing in crowdfunding platforms with the ability to look at deals […]