CRE travel trends

How the RV Boom Drives Demand in the CRE Industry

Ask any Millennial what hobbies they enjoy, and many will respond…

Spreadsheets are Hazardous to CRE Firms’ Health – Risks, Dangers, and Disadvantages

Excel and alternatives like Google Sheets are fantastic tools,…

CRE Sustainability Initiatives of the Future

In the world of commercial real estate, taking environmental sustainability into consideration also ensures that construction materials and resources remain available for years to come, protecting against future shortages due to overuse of raw materials.
tech adoption curve

Are You Feeling the Shift? Technology Adoption and Investment Increasing in CRE

Altus Group recently released its 2019 CRE Innovation Report.…
Cruise Ships as Affordable Housing

Cruise Ship Living: Thinking Outside the CRE Affordable Housing Box

Some cities are now thinking outside of traditional housing strategies in order to address the affordable housing crisis. Cruise ships, considered a staple of luxury by many rather than a permanent residence, are the latest solution to generate housing buzz.
Personalization and Occupancy

Is Personalization the Key to Multifamily Tenant Retention?

Personalization is increasingly playing an important role in tenant retention and occupancy rates and can be considered an amenity in itself. Read ahead to discover why personalization matters and how to leverage this trend in the commercial real estate space.
Revamped Amusement Parks

Revamped Amusement Parks Increasingly Becoming Profitable Investment Opportunities

It’s clear that amusement parks are becoming more profitable, but what is the cause? The answer seems to lie in value-add measures that prioritize visitor experience while providing opportunities for additional spending.
Back-Office Efficiencies

How to Build a Winning Tech Stack: Unlocking Back-Office Efficiencies

While many CRE firms leverage property management tools, accounting software, and email applications, there are still many opportunities for firms to automate workflows and manual processes.
Pop-Up Hotels

Pop-Up Hotels: The New Alternative to Traditional Lodging & Airbnb

Pop-up hotels are gaining attention as the latest concept to evolve out of new consumer trends, and these flexible lodging solutions could be a game changer for the hospitality industry.
Managing Private Investments

Managing Private Investments and Overcoming Common Hurdles

IMS recently partnered with to present a webinar on…
Food Halls and Mixed Use Space

Food Halls Driving CRE Demand for Mixed-Use Spaces

A new business model in the restaurant industry is transforming…
CRE Adaptive Reuse

CRE Adaptive Reuse in Action: From Retail Storefronts to Distribution Centers

 It is no secret that retailers have been hard pressed…