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Leveraging Technology to Attract Millennial Talent in a Remote Workforce

Millennials are the first generation to grow up in a digitally connected world with Internet, mobile phones, gaming systems, and cable television at their fingertips. As such, technology has become completely integrated into the everyday lives of Millennials. With finding, hiring, and motivating top talent becoming a key challenge and priority for CRE firms nationwide, […]

4 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Document Management System

Commercial real estate transactions involve large volumes of paperwork that must be signed and stored. In accordance with the law, certain documents must be stored for several years. As a result, paper documents can take up a significant amount of space and are often time-consuming to process and locate when necessary. In fact, business professionals […]

Why Investor Management Software is Critical for Building Strong Investor Relationships

Commercial real estate technology has transformed the way that the industry conducts business, develops strategies, and engages with clients. As the industry’s standards have shifted from technology being a “nice to have” to being a requirement, there has also been a change in investors’ expectations. Today, 80% of investors indicate that they would specifically choose […]

Leveraging Investor Management Software to Overcome Market Shifts

The CRE industry is constantly evolving, and technology, such as an Investor Management software, continues to be an agent of this change. As the market continues to shift, tedious tasks such as identifying new opportunities or monitoring a portfolio’s performance can become even more arduous. Now, more than ever before, upgrading a firm’s tech infrastructure […]

Why the Co-Living Asset Class Is Projected to Demonstrate High Resiliency

Co-living apartment communities are typically found in up-and-coming neighborhoods or dense urban areas. Locations such as these are often attractive to younger tenants due to their proximity to transportation, restaurants, and nightlife. The growing attraction to co-living is a natural extension of the rising popularity of coworking spaces and boutique hotels. Communal spaces like these create opportunities […]

How an Increase in Remote Work Could Impact Multifamily Development

Today, more people work remotely than ever before. In fact, since 2005, the number of professionals in the United States who work remotely more than 50% of the time has grown 159% to 4.7 million people. These numbers increase significantly when freelance workers and professionals who work remotely less than 50% of the time are […]

4 Ways CRE Technology Can Be Used to Boost Your Firm’s Productivity

Productivity is a challenge for nearly 2/3 of CRE firms. Therefore, optimizing productivity should be a top priority for a business to focus on. After all, the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of your firm can have significant impacts on your company’s success. Two of the biggest areas that can boost productivity are time and tooling. […]

How Technology is Driving Transparency in Investor Relationships

The concept of transparency is not unique to commercial real estate (CRE), and its meaning is pretty consistent across industries. Put simply, transparency means that information, data, and insights are shared openly. This exchange is the crux of investor relationships. Today’s investors don’t only expect firms to be transparent, but they also demand it. Investors […]

How the Surge in Online Grocery Delivery Could Impact Industrial Real Estate

Grocery stores are a key player within the retail industry due to their staying power driven by sustainability, convenience, and the provision of a cheaper alternative to eating out. However, today’s technological disruption has caused grocers to experience a shift in how they operate and what consumers expect from them. While the majority of grocery […]

Leveraging Email Marketing to Effectively Communicate with Investors

Commercial real estate is an industry built on relationships. Investors are taking a risk and entrusting CRE sponsors with significant sums of money. Both historically and to this day, networking, face-to-face interactions, and relationship-building are critical to success. After all, choosing the right sponsor could mean the difference between success or failure. But technology is changing the […]