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3 Ways CRE Owners and Developers Can Attract Socially Responsible Investors

Socially responsible investors aim for strong financial performance, but also believe that their investments should be used to contribute to advancements in social, environmental and governance practices. Socially responsible investing is not new, but momentum is growing as investors demand action and increased transparency, and as the consequences grow for companies that fail to adapt. […]

Alternative Investments: Why Institutional Investors Are Attracted to This Asset Class and How Firms Should Respond

Competition in the commercial real estate industry is becoming more intense than ever before – the result of factors such as evolving talent models, shifting investor and tenant expectations, the rising influence of new technologies, and increasing amounts of data available. Additionally, with the majority of investment dollars being funneled into the five traditional commercial […]

Why Asset and Investment Management Technology Is Critical During Market Shifts

The commercial real estate market offers an attractive investment opportunity because of its consistent returns, passive income, and growth potential. However, no investment is completely free of risk. The possibility of taking a loss can be nerve-wracking for investors, especially those who are new to the CRE market. And when experiencing the effects of market […]

How an Investment Management Platform Can Be Used to Grow Your Investor Base

Commercial real estate technology has transformed the way that the industry conducts business, develops strategies, and engages with clients. As the industry’s standards have shifted from technology being a “nice to have” to being a requirement, there has also been a change in investors’ expectations. Today, 80% of investors indicate that they would specifically choose […]

Medical Office Buildings: Why Investors Are Drawn to This Type of Investment

The medical office building (MOB) market is a niche market that has seen a significant increase demand from investors over the years. Many factors, including resilience during market shifts, consistently high occupancy rates, and overall positive outlook, contribute to this asset’s desirability. In 2018 alone, medical office buildings were anticipated to grow by about 22 […]

4 Top-Performing Assets to Consider During Market Shifts

Market shifts and periods on uncertainty are an unavoidable part of the investment lifecycle. While it is impossible to predict exactly how these events will impact the commercial real estate and alternative investment markets, it is certain that some assets are able to withstand these periods better than others. When faced with the potential of […]

How Sponsors Can Leverage Technology to Boost Investor Engagement in The Digital Era

In a technology-driven era where day-to-day communications are increasingly occurring virtually, establishing strong relationships can sometimes be challenging. Because the real estate industry thrives on personal connections, sponsors are being forced to learn how to navigate society’s “digitization of everything” norms while still satisfying the industry’s demand for meaningful relationships. As more and more work […]