3 Reasons Real Estate Investment Software is Helpful During Market Shifts

3 Reasons Real Estate Investment Software is Helpful During Market Shifts

The CRE industry is constantly evolving, and technology, such as a real estate investment software, continues to be an agent of this change. As the market shifts, tedious tasks like identifying new opportunities or monitoring a portfolio’s performance can become even more arduous to complete. Still, these tasks must be completed if firms want to adapt to and overcome the potential effects of these shifts.

As changes occur within the market, firms must be willing to embrace new technologies and then successfully implement them to reap the benefits and better adapt to change. Thus, upgrading a firm’s tech infrastructure has become an important factor in being able to effectively monitor and optimize portfolio performance.


Read ahead to learn how your firm can leverage real estate investment software to adapt in today’s rapidly evolving market.


Extracting Data and Insights

Today, data analytics can be used by investment managers to manage risks and complexities more effectively than they were able to in the past. Leveraging real estate investment software to extract data and insights allows firms to gain an economic, situational, and/or market advantage. As a result, executing faster on change and identifying portfolio opportunities becomes more manageable tasks for both firms and investor. Modern firms realize the importance of extracting and leveraging data to more quickly identify patterns and opportunities to better and more accurately predict future scenarios.


Monitoring Portfolio Performance and Protecting Returns

Although monitoring the performance of a portfolio is important during each stage of the investment lifecycle, in times of volatility extra attentiveness to how investments are performing becomes even more critical. While some investors may have forgotten that risk-management matters, history shows us that it is the effective preservation of capital in the face of market shifts that truly drives successful long-term investment outcomes.


Building Stronger Investor Relationships

When unexpected changes in the market occur, firms must not only consider how these changes will impact their daily operations but also what it means for investors. Undoubtedly, investors will express many concerns during this time and may even start to get cold feet. When investors begin to share their feelings of uncertainty or fear, it is imperative that firms provide reassurance and regain their trust.

The adoption of a real estate investment software, such as RealPage IMS, makes it easier than ever before to be transparent with investors. This type of platform provides investors with 24/7, everywhere access to dashboards. Having on-demand access to performance insights ensures increased control over their investments, creating comfort and confidence and ultimately facilitating a stronger, more collaborative type of relationship.

Additionally, when the market shifts, fostering an open exchange of information facilitates a smoother transactional process. Openly sharing insights with investors aides them in making more informed investment decisions and is critical for strengthening relationships in the midst of an ever-changing market.



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