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The Outliers of the Real Estate Waterfall World

When investing in a real estate project as a passive partner, cash distributions are calculated and made using what is called a ‘waterfall,’ most of which are structured according to reasonably uniform standards, and some of which are more creative.

Adaptability is Essential to CRE Success

According to an old German proverb, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Turbulent circumstances may inconvenience us, but it is what we do to adjust to new and changing conditions that allows us to succeed or fail, a concept which defines our adaptability. It is perhaps the most essential element […]

Upscale Hostels Emerge as Hospitality Landscape Evolves

Hostels have traditionally been shunned by higher-earning travelers, who opt for privacy and amenities and can afford the higher nightly cost of hotels. But the outlook for hostels is changing. Innovative design and amenities have some travelers choosing hostels as their first-pick when traveling to highly desirable and pricey locations. Hostels are a lodging niche […]

How CRE Benefits from Globalization

Globalization is the process of businesses and economies operating on an increasingly international scale. Products, investments, and technology are shared more freely across international borders, leading to a more fluid investment landscape as more capital is deployed globally. While globalization encompasses a broad range of activities and trends, it interacts with the commercial real estate […]

How the Wellness Trend Impacts CRE Development

The wellness economy continues to take the world by storm, changing the way people eat, behave, spend, and live. This industry was valued at $4.2 trillion in 2017, and only continues to expand as people share their newfound wellness habits on social media and spread awareness of the trend.   Wellness is a catch-all term […]

What a Manufacturing Resurgence Would Mean for CRE

In 2018, manufacturing accounted for $2.33 trillion of United States GDP. The manufacturing industry is a subset of the greater industrial market, including fulfillment, imports, exports, and other services vital to the functioning of the economy. This sector is concerned with the production of goods, which in the US include but are not limited to […]

CRE Meets STEM: Tech Tenants and Lab Development

Recent accelerating growth in the life science industry is paving the way for an increasing number of US science and tech start-ups. US biotech research employment increased 20% faster than overall employment between 2013 and 2016, with a record $20 billion in venture capital invested in life science start-ups in 2017. With such rapid growth, demand for […]