Closing The Tech Talent Gap In The Commercial Real Estate Industry

Understanding The Future Of The Workforce: How To Leverage Technology In The Workplace

Post written by Ron Rossi, VP of Business Development at IMS. Published by Forbes on September 26th, 2019.


I have spent over 20 years in the world of commercial real estate, and it’s no secret that this industry has not traditionally been an early adopter of any sort of technology. Commercial real estate is an industry based on relationships, trust and human interactions, and to this day, networking and face-to-face engagements are still critical to success. But that does not mean that there isn’t room for technology in the workplace in this industry or other late adopters.

Further, as we explored in part one of this series (Understanding Millennials’ And Technology’s Role In The Workforce, Part One), up-and-coming talent often flourishes in a startup type of environment, and leveraging technology enables companies — even ones in less glamorous industries — to tap into those cultures, business strategies and efficiencies. For forward-thinking companies, it’s critical to be prepared to recruit, engage with and retain millennial and Gen Z employees — particularly during the ongoing war for talent.