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Consumer Trends and Their CRE Implications

The push among shoppers for expanded e-commerce options has hit brick-and-mortar retailers hard in recent years, with 40% of consumers claiming to make online purchases at least several times per month. E-commerce is now a booming industry that is only projected to grow, doubling in size between 2016 and 2020. Why the change? It’s simple: […]

The Convergence of Capital, Regulation, and Technology in Commercial Real Estate

We participated in an NREI-hosted webinar that covered an outlook of the commercial real estate industry, including the convergence of capital, regulation, and technology. The webinar featured three leaders in CRE FinTech; Ron Rossi, VP of Customer Success with RealPage IMS; Adam Hooper, CEO with RealCrowd; and Troy Merkel, Partner with RSM US LLP.   […]

School Districting, Property Value, and Multifamily Housing

It is easy to assume that school districting is primarily a residential real-estate concern, but understanding how multi-family residents are influenced by this information can give CRE firms an advantage when it comes to making smart development choices. As we have discussed previously, many Millennials are having fewer children and making their housing arrangements accordingly. […]

Predicting the Impact of Smaller Family Size on Multifamily Housing Trends

More Millennials are opting to reside in multi-family housing than ever before. According to Bloomberg, the number of persons per household has declined steadily since the 1960s, reaching a plateau of about 2.5 people. Because the average household size remains small, fewer people see a need to purchase a single family home, which explains why […]