5 Reasons You Need A CRM For Your CRE Business

5 Reasons You Need A CRM For Your CRE Business

We would all agree that investors play a valuable role in the success of your Commercial Real Estate (CRE) business, however, the time it takes to manage these relationships can be overwhelming. Maintaining existing contacts as well as cultivating new ones are two key factors for your success.  Many CRE businesses realize and understand this, but don’t have the time to efficiently keep up with their clients. Having a CRM can help maximize the value of your relationships which will improve your business.

Not yet convinced?

Here are 5 reasons why a CRM is beneficial for a CRE business:

1. Organization
Wouldn’t you like to have all of your information in one place at one time? Analyze data, set appointments, track emails, view your investor’s history with your company and manage customer interaction. Throw that Rolodex in the trash and ditch those spreadsheets.

2. Strategic Profit Growth
Use your CRM to communicate new deals. CRM allows you to create custom tags for your clients; tagging clients based on investment preferences gives you the ability to send targeted emails on new deals. Don’t miss the opportunity to present a new fund or project to your ideal investor.

3. Satisfied Clients
The irony behind CRM is that your investor feels like they are being better taken care of while you are actually doing less. Without a CRM system, it is difficult to focus on the investor as an individual. CRM allows you to reference historical conversations and meetings, giving your investors a more personalized experience. Quickly and easily recall personal notes about your investor, such as a pet’s name, favorite sports team or preferred asset class. Build valuable relationships to help ensure future business.

4. A Virtual 24 Hour Assistant
Out of the office? On vacation? Visiting a property? No problem. Always have access to your contacts’ information. No matter where you are, you are able to instantly obtain the information you need. Location shouldn’t be the reason you don’t close a deal.

5. Risk Management
Keep your information safe and secure. User permissions and password protection can ensure that your investor’s information isn’t getting into the wrong hands. Plus, with cloud-backed storage, you’ll never have to worry about losing contact information.


CRM is just one of the many tools that a sponsor should have at their fingertips. RealPage IMS’ CRM provides a system for CRE by CRE. If you have any questions, schedule a demo today!