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How Corporations are Driving Demand for Coworking Space

Coworking has come a long way since the concept first appeared about ten years ago. No longer just a passing trend, coworking has transitioned into the mainstream, now established as an industry all its own that continues to disrupt both commercial real estate and society’s ideas about the way we work. One of the latest trends in this niche is the increasing interest of a nontraditional tenant: corporations.

Adaptive Reuse – Preserving Culture in the Face of Progress

While many use the number of cranes in the sky and demolition crews on the ground to measure the progressiveness of a city, adaptive reuse gives a different meaning to the word progress. Today’s growing cities sometimes feel void of character and history: beige plaster and brick rectangular apartment buildings replace aging edifices and homes […]

Identifying and Managing CRE Investment Opportunities

The accessibility of commercial real estate investing opportunities is increasing, due in part to the advent of technology as well as new regulations. The willingness to invest is also increasing, but as is competition. Leveraging data and technology can help to differentiate your firm from your competitors and attract more of those investing dollars. From […]

eBook – The What, Why, & How of Opportunity Zones

The Opportunity Zone initiative has garnered a lot of attention over the last several years and remains a hot topic in commercial real estate. With a market size estimated to be in the trillions and over 9,000 designated zones throughout the US and its territories, the amount of interest and excitement around this initiative is not surprising.