7 Reasons You Need an Investor Dashboard

7 Reasons You Need an Investor Dashboard

How are you staying ahead of the game when dealing with the next generation of investors? Are you able to manage and communicate efficiently and effectively? The way you answer these questions may be the very reason you need an investor dashboard. The beautiful and somewhat ironic thing about having investor dashboards is that you provide your investors with better service and experience while actually doing less. By logging into their individual portal, your investors can invest online, track those investments and have 24/7 access to things like new deals and documents.

Continue reading for 7 reasons investor dashboards will be one of the best decisions you’ve made for not only your investor but you, the sponsor as well.

  1.      Instant Gratification

Give your investors the same online experience for investing that they have grown accustomed to via online banking and stock trading. They will have the ability to invest in new offerings instantly while being provided 24/7 access to their documents and information. Investors can also manage their account by being able to update addresses, emails and new investment entities.

  1.      Document Dissemination

All your historical documents in one place. Items such as K-1’s, subscription agreements, and asset summary reports can all be made available in the dashboard. Investors no longer need to reach out to the sponsor requesting these documents, they are able to be accessed by logging into their individual portal.

  1.      Transparency  

Your investors will be able to see how their investments are performing in real time and historically; they will no longer have to wait around for quarterly reports and updates. The transparency provided by investor dashboards allows your investors to trust your track record, which in return, helps retain valuable investors and potentially grow your investor base.

  1.      Notifications

Send money via check, wire or ACH, both sponsor and investor will be notified when investments are placed and distributions are made.

  1.      Online deal processing

Guide your investors through the investment process step-by-step. An investor portal gives your investors the opportunity to electronically invest in live deals at a moments notice and when they’re ready. No need to work out meeting schedules, mail and fax documents, or play phone tag. Investments are done online from start to finish.

  1.      Security

Investor dashboards provide a secure investor login backed by encryption protocols, disaster recovery and safeguards. An investor can also have the option to give access to trusted family members, business partners, accountants and lawyers along with setting appropriate permissions levels for each individual.

  1.      Rest Easy

Make your life easier while giving your investors a better experience.  Worry less about constantly being by your phone and answering emails. By providing your investors an online dashboard, they will have 24/7 access to most everything they could possibly need. You can spend less time worrying about investor relations and more time on what you do best, finding the next great deal.


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