It is Time To Rethink Real Estate Asset Management Software

It is Time To Rethink Real Estate Asset Management Software

As the size of your real estate portfolio continues to grow, it is important to start managing your properties as one. You need an asset management software platform that enables a complete view across your entire platform. This includes three critical focal areas:

  1. Performance Optimization
    Inevitably, each of the properties in your portfolio will perform differently. Savvy real estate owners understand the operational advantages and disadvantages of each of their assets and optimize management strategies and tactics across their entire portfolio. For example, by having a consolidated view of your portfolio with RealPage IMS’ advanced analytics, you can understand what grounds costs for one property is different than another, when they should seemingly be the same. Imagine the operational advantages and higher NOI this will drive.
  2. Investment Performance
    Having unified management software for all of your assets will enable you to compare the performance of your assets, your investors, and your firm. You can instantly see which properties are consistently performing from a cash flow perspective and which are underperforming (that will hurt your reputation and returns).
  3. Operational Models
    As your business evolves, it is likely you will experiment with different ways to distribute competitive returns for your investors and yourself. Having the right software will enable you to see the potential performance of different distribution scenarios such as multiple IRR hurdles, changes to equity/debt mixes, and internal and investor capital mixes.

With these three focal areas, you will be able to drive higher NOI through your portfolio, all while reducing the resources required to scale your business. Decisions will come quicker, easier, and more accurately giving you more time and resources to grow your business and build your investor relationships.

The RealPage IMS Platform provides the asset management software solution to help you realize ways to improve performance.

  1. RealPage IMS enables a full portfolio view of your asset performance, even across different property management accounting systems. This actionable insight will allow you to spread the learnings from your best performing properties – attribute by attribute.
  2. The IMS Platform allows you to easily view summaries and dive into each of the distributions you have made for each asset as well as across your whole portfolio.
  3. Finally, the interactive distribution waterfall tools enables you to easily create complex waterfalls and run scenarios to see how funds from distributions and dispositions will be allocated.

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