Is Salesforce CRM the Right Choice for Private Equity Real Estate Businesses?

Is Salesforce CRM the Right Choice for Private Equity Real Estate Businesses?

Salesforce has been the preeminent customer relationship management (CRM) product since its launch in 1999. There are no disputing the company’s credentials as a cloud computing powerhouse. But just because Salesforce is right for companies like American Express, Toyota, and General Electric doesn’t mean it is a good fit for your private equity real estate firm.

Depending on the size of your team, Salesforce’s pricing structure might not be cost-effective. $150 a month per user for a team of 10 works out to be a very expensive CRM option. And despite the high cost, there are numerous limits put on the product. Salesforce has over 40 pages of these limits included in their CRM plans. They dictate how many times each feature or component of its SaaS product can be utilized, including limitations on API calls. The other issue being that the product is predominantly built to service B2B and is not nearly as well oriented for B2C. And maybe the worst part about it is the only tool that comes with these limitations and high cost is a CRM.

CRM’s are a dime a dozen nowadays. Whether you are considering one of the pricier options like Salesforce and Oracle or looking on the lower end of the cost spectrum at products like Zoho and Highrise, none are built specifically for your private equity real estate business needs. They are built to be a one size fits all business solution. That is where IMS is different, because it was designed with you in mind.

The IMS platform was created by a real estate professionals for real estate professionals and it’s CRM is no different. The data points captured are ones that are important specifically for real estate sponsors. Additionally, CRM is not the only real estate specific functionality you get with IMS. IMS comes fully loaded with investor dashboards, document management, analytics, and distribution waterfall automation. IMS has positioned itself as the smart choice for investor transparency and back office automation for real estate business using private equity to fund deals.

Take a demo and see how IMS is changing the way private equity real estate firms are managing their businesses. Whether you are looking to reduce the time it takes to calculate your distributions or you’re looking for a better way to manage your investors, IMS is the right software solution for you.