Investor Management Services Sees Strong Start to 2019

Charlotte, NC: Investor Management Services (IMS), the leading investor experience platform for commercial real estate investment firms, today reported highlights from the first quarter, ending March 31, 2019. With strong performance quarter after quarter, IMS remained the fastest-growing software platform in CRE, providing real-time investment data to over 65,000 LP investors worldwide.


Major milestones for the quarter include:

  • Investor Adoption: 65,000+ investors in 98 countries (32% QoQ increase)
  • Project Growth: 7,000+ CRE projects on the IMS Platform (13% QoQ increase)
  • Reporting Automation: $400+ Million in Q1 Distributions validated using IMS
  • Equity Investment: $39+ Billion in platform equity positions now on IMS


Said IMS CEO Chris Atkinson with regards to this explosive growth, “Today, more than 65,000 investors track their real estate holdings in real-time on their phone – that growth validates everything our clients believe around trust and transparency in private equity. This level of LP (limited partner) engagement dispels a long-held belief that real estate investors aren’t interested in live data, and this level of investor access has become the standard for how firms earn and retain investors. The industry’s best firms already know this, and we’re proud to partner with them. We expect this level of growth and adoption to only increase as the industry rewards sponsors who offer transparency and leans away from those firms that remain on analog models.”


IMS will continue to focus on customer experience and expectations as they move into Q2:

  • Investing in talent: IMS continues to expand the team to scale along with the company’s growth, and attracting and retaining top talent is a key priority (to see current listings, visit Recent measures include relocating to brand-new best-in-class headquarters near Uptown Charlotte, active participation in career and recruiting fairs across the state, and implementing new initiatives to create an award-winning culture.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships: IMS continues to execute on a partnership strategy that adds value and streamlines processes for clients. Integrations with complementary technologies provide both sponsors and investors with a seamless investing experience.
  • Driving product innovation: In Q1, industry veteran Andrew Jenkins transitioned into the role of Chief Technology Officer at IMS, streamlining the product development process and enabling the team to execute on an ambitious product roadmap that addresses both market demand and expectations.


Continued Atkinson, “As part of a larger 3-year strategy, IMS has set the bar high to create a new technology category around the Investor Experience. We have had ambitious goals at IMS from the start, and our team consistently outperforms to exceed objectives. I’m excited to see IMS continue to lead the industry and drive innovation together with our clients.”


About Investor Management Services (IMS)

Serving real estate investment firms, Investor Management Services (IMS) is the leader in the investment management software space providing the only all-in-one platform. We enable our customers to better serve their investors while improving the efficiency of their firm. The IMS Platform includes an Investor Dashboard, Document Management and Sharing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Waterfall Distribution Processing. For more information, please visit