Public Transportation Investments Lead to Growth for CRE

When you hear the word “infrastructure”, does commercial…
3 Areas Where Generation Z is Driving Change in CRE

3 Areas Where Generation Z is Driving Change in CRE

Generation Z (Gen Z), defined by the Pew Research Center as anyone…

The Outliers of the Real Estate Waterfall World

When investing in a real estate project as a passive partner, cash distributions are calculated and made using what is called a ‘waterfall,’ most of which are structured according to reasonably uniform standards, and some of which are more creative.
crowdfunding in commercial real estate

The Impact of Crowdfunding on Real Estate Waterfall Structures

Waterfall calculations are used by real estate developers to calculate distributions to investors during the life cycle of a project and there have been some notable shifts in how they are structured since the emergence of real estate crowdfunding – with significant implications.

Real Estate Waterfalls - The Simpler the Better

Real estate syndications use what are called ‘waterfalls’ to structure and compensate principals and investors, and these are seldom altered once a developer creates a structure that works for them.

How Corporations are Driving Demand for Coworking Space

Coworking has come a long way since the concept first appeared about ten years ago. No longer just a passing trend, coworking has transitioned into the mainstream, now established as an industry all its own that continues to disrupt both commercial real estate and society’s ideas about the way we work. One of the latest trends in this niche is the increasing interest of a nontraditional tenant: corporations.

CRE Trends in Investor Transparency

The commercial real estate industry is currently experiencing greater demand from investors for increased transparency on investment and asset performance. In fact, 63% of investors cite ‘degree of transparency’ as being an important consideration for their investment. Firms willing to provide those additional

Adaptive Reuse – Preserving Culture in the Face of Progress

While many use the number of cranes in the sky and demolition…

Identifying and Managing CRE Investment Opportunities

The accessibility of commercial real estate investing opportunities…

CRE Tourism: Building With Dual Purposes in Mind

It’s no secret that architecture draws crowds—the Empire State Building alone generates nearly $85 million in revenue annually from visitors...

Not All Data Is Treated Equally in CRE

The commercial real estate industry has always had a lot of data available, but it’s been very fractured in the past...

Adaptability is Essential to CRE Success

According to an old German proverb, “there is no such thing…