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Socio-Cultural Trends Shaping Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is currently undergoing a lot of change. Economic developments, social movements, and technological shifts are all helping to shape the CRE landscape. Read ahead to learn about just a few of the trends impacting the industry and implications for how they will affect demand for different types of commercial real estate properties. […]

Overcoming Challenges of Technology Implementation and Adoption in CRE Firms

In a recent article, HBR asserted, “For all the dollars spent by American companies on [tools to increase effectiveness], there often remains a persistent and troubling gap between the inherent value of the technology they develop and their ability to put it to work effectively.” Almost every industry, including commercial real estate, is undergoing intense […]

Multifamily for Millennials: Top Trends in Amenities & Services

With almost 80 million people earning paychecks, Millennials have surged past Gen X to become the largest segment of the American workforce. Accenture estimates their buying power will reach $1.4 trillion annually by 2020. A generational cohort of that size is clearly going to have a lot of power, and Millennial preferences and demands are […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy for Commercial Real Estate

Originally published in the 1940s, Maslow’s Hierarchy is a theory of human motivation, which provides order to the chaos of human behavior. Since its conception, it has been repeatedly discussed, applauded, and criticized. Despite occasional unpopularity, Maslow’s Hierarchy continues to have a strong relevance in today’s society and is often applied to various social and […]

The Evolution of Investor Relations

Commercial real estate is one of the oldest industries in the United States. The CRE industry we know today is still very traditional, and some might even say behind the times. But in the past several decades, change has been snowballing, heavily driven by the advent of technology. Let’s take a look at how commercial […]

Trends Impacting the Millennial Investor

Millennials are the future of commercial real estate. But their investing habits, preferences, and goals are vastly different from those of other generations. Understanding this generation’s demands and expectations and adapting to those needs will be critical to successfully attracting and retaining Millennials.   What Affects Millennial Views on Investing? The market conditions each generation […]

How Does Technology Affect Client Relationships in CRE?

Networking and relationships are an important part of success in pretty much any industry. In fact, a study from Harvard found that 85% of professional success comes from having those skills. But commercial real estate is an area where clients are making a large, long-term investment that could have major implications for their future. Clients […]

How Predictive Analytics is Disrupting CRE

The State of Data 90% of the data in the world today has been created within just the past two years, and we continue to generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. Even more mind-boggling, by 2025, we will be creating 10x that amount of data. All of this data is transforming the world in […]

Managing Cyber Risk and Security in Commercial Real Estate

Fraud and cybercrime are at an all-time high. While the commercial real estate industry has not historically been targeted, it is just as vulnerable as every other industry when it comes to cybersecurity. CRE professionals handle a lot of sensitive and confidential personal and financial information, and they are creating, using, storing, and sharing more […]

The Impact of Blockchain on the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Blockchain is one of the hottest technologies of the 21st century. It is poised to transform the world we conduct business in, impacting most every industry. But how long will it take for commercial real estate to embrace this revolutionary technology? First, we need to better understand the meaning of ‘blockchain’.   What is Blockchain? […]