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Adaptive Reuse: What to Do with Vacant Commercial Property

Most commercial properties will have a vacancy at one point or another, and the larger the property, the bigger the hit to your cash flow. With regards to risk and insurance as well as the need to continue maintenance regardless of if there’s a tenant, it’s important to resurrect these properties as soon as possible. […]

Self-Storage: State of the Industry, Trends, and Outlook

While sometimes considered a “low-prestige” sector of the commercial real estate industry, the self-storage market is booming, driving $38 billion in annual industry revenue. In fact, 1 in 11 Americans pays for storage for their excess possessions. IbisWorld predicts that this industry will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 3% through 2020 […]

Building the Business Case for CRE Tech

Technology impacts pretty much every aspect of our lives today, and essentially every industry is trying to use technology to drive greater efficiencies, improve analytics and data accuracy, and streamline the business. Despite a reputation for being outdated and even “stuck in the past”, the commercial real estate industry is no different. This historically underserved […]

Opportunity Zones: Helping or Hurting America?

Following the Great Recession, recovery across the United States has been uneven. Cities such as New York and Chicago have recovered, while areas such as Detroit, Flint, and Appalachia, are still struggling. Buried in last year’s tax overhaul was a provision intended to address some of these discrepancies and ultimately create a new asset class. […]

The Instagram Effect: Commercial Real Estate in the Age of the Selfie

Since its release in 2010 and acquisition by Facebook within two years, Instagram has experienced exponential growth, hitting a record 1 billion users in June of 2018. The photo- and video-sharing app now boasts over 35 billion photos posted to date and averages 52 million posted daily. This multimedia platform is changing the way that […]

Raising CRE Equity in the 21st Century

The commercial real estate industry today bears little resemblance to the industry even just ten years ago. It continues to be one of the strongest and most attractive markets for investing, but new legislation and innovative technology are continually impacting most aspects of the industry, including the capital raise process. As KPMG says, “Numerous forces […]

The State of Data Security for CRE Firms

While the commercial real estate industry has not historically been targeted, it is just as vulnerable as every other industry when it comes to cybersecurity. And due to these misconceptions, CRE firms have been slow to invest in preventative cybersecurity measures and are thus now inadequately prepared. According to McKinsey, “The US government has identified […]

CRE Trends & Challenges for the Hotels & Lodging Market

Travel is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors in the world, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the United States is a leading beneficiary of this growth. These numbers are driven largely by a strengthening global economy. A recent Deloitte report shows that the industry hit a record $353 billion in 2017, with 5% growth predicted for […]

CRE Technology Implementation: 7 Tips for Success

Most CRE firms would welcome the chance to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. But a successful technology implementation can be one of the most daunting challenges a modern business has to face. However, there are key steps that, if followed, should help to proactively address some of these problems and facilitate a streamlined implementation and […]