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Why Email Marketing is a Must-Have for CRE Firms

Commercial real estate is an industry built on relationships. Investors are taking a risk and entrusting CRE sponsors with significant sums of money. Both historically and to this day, networking, face-to-face interactions, and relationship-building are critical to success. After all, choosing the right sponsor could mean the difference between success or failure. But technology is […]

Aligning Infrastructure Investment & CRE Development

It can be easy to forget how important infrastructure really is – it falls into the background and we just start to take it for granted without even realizing how much we truly depend on it on a daily basis. But having modern, reliable, safe, efficient infrastructure plays a critical role in the growth of […]

Why You Need a Real Estate CRM

Commercial real estate has evolved over the past few years. It’s no longer adequate to simply make smart investment decisions and deliver outstanding properties. Now investors have come to also expect an exceptional, personalized experience with their sponsor. This strategy helps to build the relationship with investors and is also a great way to differentiate […]

Using Tenant Experience to Boost Occupancy

To effectively attract and retain high quality renters, as well as to boost occupancy rates overall, property managers are shifting to focus more on tenant experience and engagement. This transition is largely in response to tenants’ changing expectations and demands. As tenant wants, needs, and desires evolve, property managers need to stay abreast of opportunities […]

Office Space Evolution: “Me Space” vs “We Space”

People spend most of their time in three places: home (“the first place”), work (“the second place”), and social situations (“the third place”). Assuming you will work from age 18 until retirement at age 67, with 5 weeks of holiday per year, and 40 hours of work per week, you will spend a whopping 92,120 […]

#REMAS Blog Post Round-Up

Earlier this month, Investor Management Services (IMS) received the #REMAS award for Best Real Estate Company Blog, which recognizes companies and individuals in the real estate industry for their marketing efforts and thought leadership. So we decided to pull together some of our top blog articles. Happy reading!   1.) How to Save Time and Money […]

Investor Management Services Recognized for Best Real Estate Company Blog

Investor Management Services (IMS), the leading investor experience platform for commercial real estate owners and investment firms and the only complete solution for investor management, announced today that it has been recognized for its thought leadership efforts and has received The News Funnel #REMAS award for Best Real Estate Company Blog.

The Commercial Real Estate Cycle

The commercial real estate cycle is a hot topic in today’s marketplace. We are in the midst of an unusually long cycle (at least by historical standards), begging questions around whether or not the market has peaked and how much longer it will last. Indeed, commercial real estate professionals should keep their eyes on the […]

How Hurricane Season Can Affect the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Officially, hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th. This is the time of year when tropical storms and hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean, due to the difference between sea surface temperature and air temperature. On average, 10 storms occur each year with 6 turning into hurricanes and 2 or 3 becoming Category 3 […]

The Impact of the Craft Beer Boom on Commercial Real Estate

Beer is one of the oldest and most consumed alcoholic beverages worldwide. The global beer market is projected to be valued at $658,354 million by 2025, driven by increases in disposable income, changing consumer preferences, the rise of a more experience-based culture, and changes in how drinking is perceived and accepted socially. A key trend […]

Adaptive Reuse: What to Do with Vacant Commercial Property

Most commercial properties will have a vacancy at one point or another, and the larger the property, the bigger the hit to your cash flow. With regards to risk and insurance as well as the need to continue maintenance regardless of if there’s a tenant, it’s important to resurrect these properties as soon as possible. […]