#REMAS Blog Post Round-Up

IMS Receives #REMAS Award for Top Industry Blog

Investor Management Services (IMS), now part of the RealPage family, recently received the 2019 #REMAS award for Creative Writing, recognizing the IMS blog as a top resource in the commercial real estate industry for the second year in a row! The #REMAS, offered by The News Funnel, is a creative competition that honor companies and individuals in the real estate industry for their marketing efforts, thought leadership, innovative strategies, quality of content, and advancement of the field. To celebrate this accomplishment, we decided to compile some of our top blog articles. Enjoy!


1.) CRE Trends in Investor Transparency

The commercial real estate industry is currently experiencing greater demand from investors for increased transparency on investment and asset performance. Firms that are willing to provide additional insights to investors are more likely to see heightened interest, which can lead to higher engagement and increased probability of repeat investments. Learn about eight ways forward-thinking firms can leverage technology to address new investor demands and expectations.


2.) How Corporations are Driving Demand for Coworking Space

Coworking has come a long way since the concept first appeared about ten years ago. No longer just a passing trend, coworking has transitioned into the mainstream, now established as an industry all its own that continues to disrupt both commercial real estate and society’s ideas about the way we work. One of the latest trends in this niche is the increasing interest of a nontraditional tenant: corporations. Learn why corporations are choosing coworking spaces and implications of this trend for CRE.


3.) How CRE Sponsors Can Personalize Marketing Communications, at Scale

Since its invention in the 1970s, email has revolutionized the way we communicate, and the use of email marketing in CRE has made communication faster and easier. Learn about leveraging email segmentation and discover how email marketing can provide a way to quickly disseminate information to hundreds or even thousands of contacts, to share information at scale, and to stay top of mind with investors.


4.) Using Data to Drive Decision-Making in CRE

Commercial real estate has historically been slow with regards to adapting to and leveraging advanced data management and analytics, particularly when compared to other financial industries. However, the rise and prevalence of CRE technology has driven CRE professionals to recognize the importance of data in making smarter decisions and developing more informed strategies. Learn how firms today can leverage data analytics and use data-driven insights to improve both efficiency and effectiveness.


5.) Leveraging CRE Technology to Build Meaningful Investor Relations

Many investors already use tech in other aspects of their finances and have come to expect a similar experience when investing in the world of real estate. CRE professionals want to do business with firms that are leveraging emerging technologies because these tools provide quick and easy access to data and real-time performance benchmarks. See how CRE technology can be leveraged to provide greater transparency and accessibility and improve investor relationships.


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