November Content Round-Up: Top Blogs & Articles About Grocery Retailer Trends

November Content Round-Up: Top Blogs & Articles About Grocery Retail Trends

Despite a wave of brick-and-mortar retail closures, grocery stores are faring well and do not seem to be as impacted by the economic pressures and new types of competitors affecting other sellers. In fact, new grocery store openings increased by 30% in 2018. With groceries being a necessity for all households, grocery retailers’ staying power will remain undeniably strong both now and in the future.

We searched the Internet for November’s top blogs and articles about grocery retail trends and then narrowed it down to our top 3. Read ahead to discover our top picks!


1.)  Grocery-Anchored Shopping Centers Remain the Safest Retail Bet

Written by Liz Wolf, National Real Estate Investor

Real Capital Analytics reports that sales of grocery-anchored shopping centers have shown a modest increase in 2019. Because of their consistency even in an extremely volatile retail environment, these type of shopping centers remain a top preference for investors. This article discusses why grocery-anchored shopping centers can be considered the “darling” of retail, why investors are interested in these spaces, current retail investment sales, and the role that REITs play in these investments.


2.) Why Grocery Retailers Are Embracing Micro-Fulfillment Centers

Written by Amber Felton, Investor Management Services

This blog discusses the technological disruption and how it has caused even highly stable grocers to experience a shift in how they operate and what shoppers expect from them. One major shift discussed in this blog that has caused a change for grocery retailers is the demand for online grocery shopping. This demand, which has created a new challenge for grocers to efficiently fulfill online orders without interfering with the store’s traditional operations, has led retailers to embrace the concept of micro-fulfillment centers. This blog also dives into what micro-fulfillment centers are, how they work, and what they mean for the future of grocery retailers.


3.) Amazon Is Planning to Open Cashierless Supermarkets Next Year

 Written by Matt Day, Bloomberg

This article discusses Amazon’s plans to compete in the $900 billion U.S. grocery industry and potentially other areas of retail, too. Amazon plans to open smaller 2,000 square feet stores that carry grab-and-go staples and a small selection of household items. The article also highlights Amazon’s plans to expand to stores as large as 30,000 square feet – the size of a typical modern supermarket – and how the company plans to mainstream its technology to achieve this expansion.



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