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Distribution Functionality, Positive User Experience, Security – Watch the Testimonial Video

Morgan Emmett, Principal of Emmett Ochs Investments, a private equity real estate fund company based out of Los Angeles, recently spoke about his experience with the IMS Platform. He expressed how helpful valuable the batch distributions feature has been. Before IMS, Emmett Ochs made ACH distributions one-by-one to each LP in each fund for the past 10 years. Morgan stated, “the most important part… has been for the LP experience, where there’s a tidy email that tells you that you have received this distribution in this amount by ACH. It’s branded with all of our company logos and branding…and the investor also knows the source of the funds and whether it was a Q1 2017 distribution or was special refinancing. The user experience has been incredible and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from LPs.”

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