What if I told you Distribution Waterfalls didn't need to be calculated in Excel?

On Demand Webinar - What if I Told You Distribution Waterfalls Didn't Need to be Calculated in Excel?

Jason Kelley, CFO of Investor Management Services, joined us to discuss his background and why IMS decided to build a software solution for distribution waterfalls.
Are you running your private equity real estate business as one company or as numerous standalone projects?

On Demand Webinar - Are you running your private equity real estate firm as one or numerous standalone projects?

The projects based business - disadvantages and advantages Advantages of running your business holistically. How to move your business away from projects
The New Standard. Learn What Investors Have Come To Expect From CRE Sponsors - Featuring Robert Finlay

On Demand Webinar - Learn What Investors Have Come To Expect From CRE Sponsors. Featuring Robert Finlay

What CRE investing looked like in the past, how it is done today, and how it might be done in the future. The evolution of FinTech and the increasing impact it is having on commercial real estate What the current market of private placement deals looks like.
The CRE Tech Arms Race - The Need For Solutions And How To Find The Right Fit

On Demand Webinar - The CRE Tech Arms Race With John Azar from MACC Venture Partners

Pain-points that today's commercial real estate sponsors/owners commonly deal with. Some example of ways MACC VP thought they could add effeciency to their business. Examples of technology MACC VPP relies on daily, ranging from the property level all the way up to coporate.
Should Excel be the foundation of your CRE business?

On Demand Webinar - Excel is a Dangerous System for your Firm to Depend on

Learn how technology is replacing static spreadsheets. Excel wasn’t built as the foundation of your business - it is not a system of record. What are you doing to mitigate the risks associated with a product that hasn’t innovated in 30 years? Our award-winning technology can help you with that and more!