On-Demand Panel – How Greater Transparency Leads to More Efficient CRE Markets

Over 60% of investors cite degree of transparency as being an important consideration for their investment – they need on-demand, real-time insights into how their money is performing and where it’s going. While the idea of ‘transparency’ is certainly a hot topic now, what role will this concept play as the CRE landscape continues to evolve?

On-Demand Webinar – How to Adapt to Shifting Investor Expectations in the CRE Industry

The commercial real estate industry looks different now than it did just a few years ago. As the market continues to evolve, so do investor expectations and behaviors. Investors are seeking – and even demanding – more engagement, improved communication, and better access to pertinent information regarding their investments.

On-Demand Webinar – CRE Tech Best Practices: Unlocking Back-Office Efficiencies

The commercial real estate industry has historically been a slow adopter of new technology, lagging behind other sectors. However, the pace of innovation is accelerating, and new technologies are disrupting the industry, fueled by demand from forward-thinking CRE professionals.

On-Demand Webinar – Managing Private Investments

Investors and their advisors are increasing their attention to private investments. Many economists look at today’s financial markets and speculate that a correction is coming and that the bull market will soon slow, or has already substantially begun to correct, as to US and international equities.

On-Demand Webinar – How to Access & Deploy Capital Efficiently in CRE

Fill out the form to hear a discussion with industry leaders about how to efficiently access and deploy capital for commercial real estate in 2019.

On-Demand Webinar – Transformation within CRE: CFO, Technology, and Leadership

The speed of innovation and disruption in commercial real estate is accelerating. This pace of change and its effects on the industry are transforming how we navigate the marketplace, form strategies, and otherwise conduct business.

On-Demand Webinar – Commercial Real Estate Outlook: The Convergence of Capital, Regulation, and Technology

The commercial real estate industry looks different now than it did just a few years ago. With new challenges, opportunities, and investor expectations, the market continues to evolve, and it’s doing so at an accelerating rate.

On-Demand Webinar – Where Are We in the CRE Cycle?

As much as we would like it to, the commercial real estate market won’t always go up. The CRE market is cyclical, but where exactly are we in the cycle? How will it affect different locations and asset classes? And what does that mean for CRE owners and investors?

On Demand Webinar – The Future of CRE Investing: Blockchain, Opportunity Zones, and Investor Transparency

There are several key emerging trends in the world of commercial real estate that are changing how CRE professionals do business. Blockchain is revolutionizing CRE transactions. Opportunity zone funds are presenting new, tax-incentivized options for investors.

On Demand Webinar – Leveraging Technology to Raise Capital & Manage Investor Relationships

The JOBS Act has transformed capital raises and commercial real estate investing. This increasingly popular funding strategy has opened real estate investment opportunities to a larger pool of people, as well as enabled sponsors to obtain financing faster.

On Demand Webinar – The Full Stack Capital Raise: Technology, Regulation, & Opportunity

New regulations, including the JOBS Act of 2012, have enabled technology to streamline the capital raising process. Commercial real estate sponsors can now host their offerings on online portals with deals ranging from crowdfunding to traditional structures, and they can continue to use technology to attract and manage investors.

On Demand Webinar – Best Practice Technology Implementation for CRE Firms

Technology is no longer a nice-to-have for commercial real estate firms; it’s a necessity. Forward-thinking firms are quickly adapting and incorporating technology into their day to day operations in order to generate more revenue, scale faster, and remain competitive. But implementing new technology for your CRE firm can seem like a daunting process, and driving change within your company can be a challenge.