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The 7 Deadly Sins Could Lead to the Death of Some Investors

The seven deadly sins referred to in religious writings and Middle Age artworks are a grouping of vices believed to directly give birth to other immoralities. The church used the doctrine to deter evil and corrupt behavior. All but one of the sins can be categorized as a strong emotion that can lead to dangerous […]

The Great Millennial Migration

Recently, our blog has touched on lots of topics that revolve around Millennials and their impact on the economy. The reason for the frequency of this discussion is that this age group is growing more powerful by the day. As we move closer to this generation’s prime spending years, their actions will continue to reshape […]

The Information Vacuum – Sucking the Emotion Out of Investing

There is a famous physics theory, known as plenism, which basically says nature contains no vacuums because any space void of matter would immediately be filled.  It has been adapted to financial theory in the following quote.  “When there’s an information vacuum, emotion fills the void.” In today’s sometimes volatile financial landscape, political positioning, socialization, […]

Commercial Real Estate to Enter the Stock Market Big Leagues

At the close of the stock market on August 31, 2016, a monumental change is set to occur. At that time, commercial real estate is slated to be moved from its current place within the Financials sector of the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) into a brand-new, eleventh sector that will be known as the […]

The Rise of the Renter and Urban Infill: A Trend with No End in Sight

There has been a great deal of discussion around Millennials and their impact on the commercial real estate industry and the economy as of late. Our very own Nikki Vasco recently detailed the increase in young adults moving home and why they aren’t buying real estate. Additionally, millennials are contributing to the population’s increased desire […]

Will They Ever Get Out of My House?

Rather than striking out on their own after college, many millennials are moving back home.  So many millennials are moving home, in fact, that the number of young adults living at home has returned to 1940s levels. Pew Research Center found that nearly 43% of 18-34 year old males and 36.4% of 18-34 year old […]

Inflation on the Rise: Commercial Real Estate Investments as an Inflationary Hedge

BlackRock and Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) are both cautioning investors about higher than expected inflation. Wes Goodman posted an article on Bloomberg that indicated investors may not be pricing in enough inflation risk in the credit markets according to the experts. In the article, Goodman quoted Richard Turnill, BlackRock’s global chief investment strategist, as […]

Froth or not? Banks Telegraph Mixed Message on CRE Market

Two powerful commercial real estate lenders sent two differing signals to the marketplace in recent days. One accelerated commercial real estate growth, the other tapped its foot on the brake. Wells Fargo & Co., the nation’s fourth-largest bank, announced it will purchase GE Capital’s Commercial Distribution Finance and Vendor Finance platforms as well as a […]

Bringing More Transparency to CRE Investing

Transparency. Accountability. Accessibility. These are all traits commercial real estate investors want, and they are qualities the best sponsors consistently display. When investors and sponsors don’t see eye-to-eye on these crucial elements, it can lead to trouble. That lesson has come front-and-center here in North Carolina. Pittenger Land Investments, the land investment firm founded by […]

Bankruptcies, Weak Sales Not Slowing Retailer Growth

The retail industry may be tussling with some high-profile bankruptcies and weak sales growth, but demand for retail properties remains strong, according to a recent report from RBC Capital Markets. Analyst Rich Moore’s research shows retailers have increased plans to expand and open new stores over the next 24 months compared to the outlook earlier […]

Guess Who Just Plowed $3 Billion Into Farmland?

While retail investors hold their hats watching markets swing back and forth this summer, the world’s deepest pockets are seeding a new fund that will buy stakes in a rather boring asset-class: Farmland. TIAA-CREF, a multibillion-dollar investment manager, this week announced it has exceeded its $2.5 billion goal and raised $3 billion for a new […]

Is Your Portfolio Prepared for Drive-Through Grocery Stores?

The retail grocery industry — a crucial commercial tenant — is facing a new disruptive force: Amazon. The e-commerce giant has plans for a drive-thru grocery store in Sunnyvale, California, according to a report in the Silicon Valley Business Journal. If expanded, the concept could bring new turmoil to a retail grocery business already in […]