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Identifying and Managing CRE Investment Opportunities

The accessibility of commercial real estate investing opportunities…

eBook – Leveraging Technology to Attract and Retain Talent in the CRE Industry

Over 40% of CRE professionals would leave a firm if they found the technology to be inadequate.
Shifting Investor Expectations

Adapting to Shifting Investor Expectations in the CRE Industry

The commercial real estate industry is quickly evolving, and…

Checklist: CRE Tech Readiness

Firms that leverage CRE tech save over 22 hours a week on average – time that can be dedicated back to value-add work
tech adoption curve

Are You Feeling the Shift? Technology Adoption and Investment Increasing in CRE

Altus Group recently released its 2019 CRE Innovation Report.…
Back-Office Efficiencies

How to Build a Winning Tech Stack: Unlocking Back-Office Efficiencies

While many CRE firms leverage property management tools, accounting software, and email applications, there are still many opportunities for firms to automate workflows and manual processes.

On-Demand Webinar – CRE Tech Best Practices: Unlocking Back-Office Efficiencies

The commercial real estate industry has historically been a slow adopter of new technology, lagging behind other sectors. However, the pace of innovation is accelerating, and new technologies are disrupting the industry, fueled by demand from forward-thinking CRE professionals.

Does CRE Technology Improve Gender Parity Among Investors?

Gender is a complex topic and one that is constantly evolving, as each generation seems to have different ideas and core beliefs about how gender roles impact our daily lives. According to Pew Research Center, 47% of the US labor force is made up of women, and women are (perhaps surprisingly) just as likely as men to work in managerial occupations and positions. In fact, women now control 30% of the world’s wealth, or $39.6 trillion.
Get Your Team on Board with CRE Tech

Getting Your Team On Board with CRE Tech

Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group…

Trends Every CRE Professional Needs to Know

A strong market, coupled with the recent tech boom and increasing…

Tech Adoption in CRE: Misconceptions and Reality

Technology is taking commercial real estate by storm and has…

Top 4 Time Management Tips for CRE Sponsors

Charles Darwin once said, “A man who dares waste one hour of…