Our Hack-a-thon Produced The Most Requested Feature…

Our Hack-a-thon Produced The Most Requested Feature…

This past weekend, our Development team participated in their very own hack-a-thon!  What is a hack-a-thon?  It’s an intense period of rapid software development with a particular focus.  In this case, the team focused on THE most requested feature for the IMS Platform (which is revealed later on in this article).  So, they basically, locked themselves in one of our conference rooms last Friday after work until Sunday evening.  The only breaks they took were going back home to sleep each night.  For more details of the hack-a-thon itself, the task organizer and quasi-product manager wrote all about it here: https://medium.com/@josephjguerra/ims-weekend-hackathon-26bed57e5ff9

So, what exactly did they develop?  A powerful CRM.  This feature will allow sponsors to manage their investors and prospects with ease through their back-office platform.  In addition to housing contact information, a sponsor can:

  • Easily view investment data like average invested amount, total distributed amount, and more
  • Specify investment parameters like minimum investment amount, IRR, COC, and more
  • Create notes and flag for follow up
  • Track user activity in real-time like bank account changes, distributions processed, and more
  • Add relationship managers
  • Add detailed profile information for investors and prospects like company name, company website, family member names, and more

We created an overview video of this new feature in action.

To get a sneak peak, check it out here: